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Dr. Abiola
Only 24hr Pain Management Doctor
Immigration Physicals
Dr. Abiola
Only 24hr Pain Management Doctor
Immigration Physicals

Health and Wellness Center serving WNY for over 20 Years

True healthcare means taking care of the whole person. Often, we find one aspect of health affects another. That’s why our physicians take the time to understand all of your concerns to ensure you’re getting the treatment you need in an environment of compassion and trust.

Your appointment is time reserved for you. You’ll have your provider’s undivided attention for as long as you need. We want you to feel relaxed and understood. This is your time, and we’re 100% dedicated to taking care of your health.

Our areas of practice include behavioral health for the treatment of addiction, pain management, immigrant health and travel medicine.


With addiction, life is not your own. Whether it’s substance abuse, alcohol, gambling or sex, it belongs to the dependency. Preston Healthcare’s caring, confidential, board-certified physicians and counselors are trained in Behavioral Medicine. We can help you get your life back.


When you need an immigration physical for a green card or citizenship application, you can rely on culturally sensitive, affordable and timely service. Our staff is predominantly firsthand second-generation immigrants, so we too empathize and understand the importance of this process.


Our providers understand the complexities of pain management for patients with substance abuse issues. It’s possible for pain to be managed while reducing the risk for relapse.


Traveling to a foreign country? Make sure your trip is healthy and hassle-free. Get the vaccines you need for safe travel and the information you need to prevent illness in a foreign country.

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