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Behavioral Medicine & Addiction Treatment

Behavioral Medicine: Breaking the Chains of Addiction

Without help, you face a life out of control; a life nearly without hope. Addiction to any substance – prescription pills, street drugs, or alcohol – controls your mind, takes over your body, and destroys your spirit. Even behavioral addictions, such as gambling and sex, can be crippling.

Addiction is a medical disorder that requires treatment, just like any disease. In fact, studies indicate that two out of every three psychological disorders are breeding grounds for addiction.

Preston Healthcare offers a safe, therapeutic environment that helps to stabilize and motivate patients to take the necessary steps to get their lives back. Our treatments use proven medical and behavioral protocols.

Staying Clean = SUCCESS!
We measure success by remission and recovery from addiction – by the absence of use of the drug, substance or behavior – and by an overall improvement in quality of our patients’ lives. We follow up, because without follow up, most patients relapse between 30 and 90 days after being declared “clean.”

Confidentiality Promise:

  • We do not judge.
    We do not tell.
    We have no ties to law enforcement.

These are human beings, like you and me. Wonderful people. Good people,” says Dr. Abiola. “I learn from every patient, every day.

There are five stages of change in the course of addiction treatment. Where are you?

  • 1


    “Don’t tell me I have a problem. I don’t!”

  • 2


    “OK, so maybe I do have an issue, but I can handle it myself.”

  • 3


    “I have a problem and I need help. But what can I do? And what if my family, friends, or co- workers find out?”

  • 4


    “I met with Preston Healthcare and they set up a program for me.”

  • 5


    “Starting was very tough. But I’ve been clean for six months now and I have my life back.”

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