About Preston Healthcare

Preston Healthcare provides medical care within the bio-psycho-social framework for persons with addiction, substance-related conditions. Our board-certified addiction medicine physicians are also certified in other medical specialties prior to certification by the American Board of Addiction Medicine.

Specially trained in a wide range of prevention, evaluation and treatment modalities, addiction medicine specialists often offer treatment for patients with addiction or unhealthy substance use who have co-occurring general medical and psychiatric conditions.

The addiction medicine physician is a key member of the healthcare team and is trained to coordinate and provide consultation services for other physicians.

Our Services

Preston Behavioral Medicine Services are designed to support you and your family when suffering through challenging times or dealing with serious conditions. We treat addiction with personal respect, dignity and compassion. We care for adolescents, adults of all ages, and dedicate ourselves to the highest standard of care and treatment that fits each person’s individual needs.

We offer a variety of treatment programs and services for adults, adolescents, and families suffering from chemical dependency and other addiction disorders. We perform an initial assessment prior to treatment, which can begin at almost any level of care, depending on the severity of the case. We treat the following disorders:

Dependency on drugs or alcohol can threaten the life and safety of the abusers, their families and the community. Despite the frustration and confusion, recovery from addiction can – and does – happen regularly with long-term, positive results.

Preston Healthcare Center for International & Travel Medicine can help prepare you for a safe and healthy trip. If you are traveling overseas or to a foreign land, stop in and see us before you go to protect yourself and your family. We will prepare you with all the right immunizations and vaccinations.

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